Three simple Qi Gong exercises you can do anywhere

This post is inspired by my latest trip to New York City. Many people say they don’t have time to do meditation, or Qi Gong, or Yoga. That they have too much to do during the day to spend time at home before they jet off into the world. This post is to share with those people to explain how you can take those small free moments to listen to your body. Waiting at the street light, standing on the subway, or in line at the bank or grocery check out are perfect opportunities to check in with our body and bring greater awareness and healing. Here are the three exercises. You can download these exercises to your computer below. Joint rotation Moving the joints while keeping our awareness there is lubricating the joint, increasing the range of motion and decreasing pain. An easy example is the hand and wrist. You can start by slowly rotating the wrists in a circle. Then changing directions, moving slowly and feeling areas of tension or blockage. Then spreading the fingers and pulling them in towards the palm. Opening and closing from fist to open palm. This simple exercise helps to bring circulation and energy to the hands and wrists. Breathing into areas of tension Any area of pain you can bring your awareness, and your breath into. For example, if you have lower back pain you can breath into the area, breathing in a healing light. Exhale visualizing any tension or pain going down the back of the legs and into the earth. Weight shift Many times we carry our weight more on one foot or the other. This can lead to all kinds of imbalances going up through the hips and shoulders and neck. With this exercise, you shift your weight from right to left, and forward and back. Bending the knees just slightly. Noticing how you hold yourself in gravity. Is it easier to lean forward or backwards? Are you more comfortable on your left or right foot? Then you can bring your weight into center, feeling all of the corners of the foot connecting with the ground. Bringing this awareness to the feet can make huge changes throughout your whole posture. If you listen to an iPod or mp3 player you can follow these exercises on mp3 by downloading them below. Right Click and “Save Link as…” to download to your computer. Intro Joint Rotation Breathe away Tension Weight Shft Otherwise the transcript of the audio is available below, and you are welcome to record your own version. Transcript of Audio: Wrist rotation – spread the fingers of both hands, squeeze them into a fist repeating two more times, inhale as you expand the palm, exhale as you bring your fingers into a fist. Next rotate both wrists in towards your body. Lubricating the joint with the movement. Rotate the opposite direction. Shake the hands out and feel how your hands and wrist feels after the exercise. Breathing into areas of tension – In this audio we will focus on breathing relaxation into the neck and shoulders. On your own time feel free to use this exercise on any part of the body that has tension. If you can, placing your hands on your shoulders can help us to direct the healing energy. Crossing the arms over the chest and holding onto opposite shoulders can be a good way to do this. Take a nice relaxed breath in. Allowing the shoulders to rise up into the hands slightly, and then exhale, allowing the shoulders to fall away from the ears, into gravity. Continue the breath in this way, breathing in your intention to relax the shoulders, and exhaling any unnecessary tension or stress. Exhale out of the nose if you feel tired and want to conserve energy, or exhale out of the mouth if you feel anxious and want to purge excess energy. Continue this exercise for as long as you want, returning the arms down to the sides when you’ve finished. Weight Shift – While standing, bring attention to the point of contact from the bottom of your feet to the shoes, and ground beneath you. Without changing anything just notice how the weight is distributed on the feet. Is there more weight on the left foot or the right? Do you lean towards the front ball of the foot, or the back heel? Now start to adjust the weight in your feet so that you feel more balanced. Finding your fulcrum point where you are balanced forward and back, and left and right. Even amount of weight on all four corners of the foot. Feel free to continue this exercise as long as you can, and when you’ve finished, start walking again with presence of your connection with the ground beneath you. Grounded.

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