Gratitude and Growth of 2010

This time every year people tend to look back on the best of the previous year, and look forward to set intentions for the new year. I recommend you take credit for the hard work and accomplishments of the year, and realize how much you’ve learned and grown. The last year I feel I’ve gone through tremendous growth and change. I left a school that wasn’t inspiring me, saved money to pay for massage school. I became active in creating the change I wanted, knowing that I no longer wanted to go to San Jose State. During my free time I would journal about my desires and visions of career paths, websites to create, and habits I wanted to incorporate into my life. Winter I knew I didn’t want to go to San Jose State anymore, and set a date to leave: June of this year. I decided to do my best, earn money, and learn as much as I could in the time that I was there. I learned a lot about time management, creating weekly goals and time sheets to manage school, work, and personal development. I started to do yoga, the gym, and cardio. I discovered Lucid dreaming, meditation, and Mantak Chia’s the multi orgasmic man book. These served as a great introduction to the metaphysical arts. Spring I became inspired by Steve Pavlina’s writing on self-discipline and started waking up at 6am, successfully converting to a morning person. I started going to a weekly meditation group and as part of my transition from San Jose State to massage school I went to a 10 day Vipassana retreat, which changed my perspective on meditation. I also started this blog and shared my goals and desires with the world. Summer In July I went to Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Workshop and met other inspiring people and reaffirmed my passion for growth and learning. In July and August I completed a 250-hour massage training intensive and expanded my social circle and became four times as sociable and open to new people. Fall I continued my massage education, becoming proficient and finding passion with Thai massage. I continued to take classes in Qi Gong, which I had started in the summer, and met Lee Holden. I’ve started to work with him on his videos, and have learned much about Qi Gong movements and becoming sensitive to the life energy in my body. For the Winter I will be primarily living in Breckenridge Colorado during the winter months. I plan on doing a lot of studying on Qi Gong, web design, and the national massage exam. I will work to redesign this website, creating a custom wordpress theme. I will also be launching a website that will be a community resource for massage therapists and body workers. I see this next year being even better than the last, with many lessons for me to learn, and more for me to teach as well.

Time management

The day a big project or essay is due in class, my classmates always compare to see who got the least amount of sleep. This isn’t only true in schools because college students take these bad time management skills into their work life. I’ve decided to write an article that shows some techniques that I use in order to make sure I get everything done and have more time to do what I love.

Keep a calendar

Schedule all of your work, school and any other time blocks where you absolutely have to be somewhere onto a calendar that you keep with you all of the time. I use my cell phone, and many smart phones are even better at this type of management. Then if someone wants to schedule a date with you, you’ll know when you’re available.

Planning/Goal setting Day

Have one day a week where you schedule the week ahead of you. I put an inspirational quote or something that will keep me focused on achieving my goals at the top. Then I write down the habits I would like to form, and a to-do list for the week. You should start every day by looking at your weekly goal list, and create a to-do list of what you want to accomplish on that day. I’ll also create of vision of how I would like to see my day going. I’ll write everything in the present moment, and describe how I feel experiencing my day.

Complete Focus

For things like writing an essay, studying or paying bills, you should commit yourself to doing only that task for an alloted amount of time. No texting, cellphone, Facebook, or internet. Just focus on the task that you are doing. This doesn’t mean you should spend 3 hours straight studying, but it means you should commit yourself to doing 40 minutes of studying, and then taking a 20 minute break. You should keep repeating that cycle until you finish the goal you set to accomplish for that study session.

Develop Discipline

It takes discipline to follow through on your schedule and to accomplish goals. You need to slowly train yourself up from where you are now. I read a great article from Steve Pavlina that describes the 5 pillars of Discipline.

Acceptance — How strong is your discpline at this moment? which challenges are easy for you, which are virtually impossible? From here you will know what kind of results you can expect, and how hard to start training your discipline.

Willpower — Provides an intensely powerful, yet temporary boost. Use willpower to reduce the ongoing need for such a high level of sustained force. Alter the territory and replace distractions.

Hard Work — That which challenges you. Strong challenge is connected with strong results. The willingness to do what is difficult is like having a key to a private treasure room.

Industry — Tasks that aren’t necessarily difficult, but they collectively require a significant time investment. Things like cleaning, exercise, and organization.

Persistence — Ability to maintain action regardless of your feelings. Persistence of action = persistence of vision. Consistent clarity about what you want.

If you continue to train your discipline and take small steps you will find that you become more and more productive, and will have more time to spend doing what you love.

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