How to Overcome Disappointments

This week I discovered that the yoga teacher training program I planned on doing from January through April is cancelled. I had already bought a ticket to see their open house, but when I arrived no one was there and the door was locked. This was disappointing for me, as it’s less than 3 weeks before classes would’ve started and now I have to re-envision my winter months. What’s the best way to react to such undesired changes? *Allow yourself to be upset/sad/angry Feel the emotions and write out all the reasons you are unhappy about the change of events. Journal about why you’re angry and allow yourself to vent for a few hours. Acknowledge the feelings, and feel them for as long as it is still serving you. It’s probably not helpful to stay angry for more than a few days. *Observe the hidden meaning “When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell After learning that my yoga program was cancelled, I researched all of the yoga schools near Denver and Santa Cruz, where my two homes are. Any time I found a school that interested me, it was either too far from my home, or didn’t work with my schedule. I interpreted this difficulty in finding a yoga school to be the universe telling me I should be studying something else this winter. I’ve been practicing Qi Gong the last few months and I’ve found a few synchronicities around learning that. I found a book at the studio where I practice Qi Gong. I was able to borrow it and I found out that the author of that book lives near my home in Colorado. *Envision, Write, Imagine Create as many alternate situations as you can think of. After you’ve written all of the possible outcomes, read each one, and compare how you feel after reading it. Once you read a vision and you feel a bright, energizing or passionate sensation in your heart you can begin to follow that path. Take the first few steps, and see if you receive a positive response from the universe. Possible options for me include focusing on webdesign or photography at the community college, studying Qi Gong/Tai Chi, developing strength/flexibility in my body, and/or networking and meeting people in Colorado. This list will continue to change as the weeks go by, but I can start by researching teachers who teach Qi Gong in my area, and go to their classes. If I find someone I connect well with, and our schedules work out, then I know that the universe is sending me a “green light” on that path. If you find yourself continually being shot down with your requests, keep trying until something works out. At the most unlikely time you may meet a stranger who connects you with the perfect situation/job/school. *Share you experience If you had a bad experience with an employer/school/business, express it. You could write a review on yelp, email the business owner, and/or tell your friends who might be interested in working with them. Write factually about your experience, try not to criticize or call people names. Write about what happened to you, what you didn’t enjoy, and how it could’ve been better. *Let go and allow your new future to manifest Once you’ve allowed yourself to feel disappointed, shared your experience, and found an alternate path, let go of the past disapointment and look towards the new direction you’re heading in. It’s easy to complain about how things could’ve been different, and how “only if” that had worked out, but let it go and see what is possible and desire-able in your current situation.

Visions for Clarity

In my weekly goals I’ve been making for myself, I’ve started trying the daily habit of creating a visions of my future. Each week I’ve had a different focus, like career, education/learning and peaceful life visions. These have been great at allowing me to feel what it would be like to be a massage therapist, to live in Hawaii on a farm, or to go to the perfect college. This helps open my mind to different options, and then I can have all my visions in front of me and ask myself: “What do I want to make true next?” For me it is going to massage school in July and August and becoming a massage therapist in Santa Cruz. So here’s an example of my yoga teacher/massage therapist career vision. I am a role model for physical health. I do yoga daily, I eat a healthy raw/vegan diet and I receive massage at least once a week. My clients are mostly gay men who are interested in being healthier and have goals and visions for all aspects of their lives. I show them yoga routines and give massage. I also hold a weekly meditation group with friends and clients. I have a blog where I share my goals and experiences in finding my purpose and improving my self. I join a vegan cooking group and have pot lucks with them. I create or join a support group of massage therapists who discuss business, personal, and life issues around being a massage therapist. We have topics on how to create a welcoming atmosphere at your studio, how to build a good website, ect. I give a short lecture on the topic and we have a discussion group afterwords. I have a small group of close friends and many business associates. I have plenty of time to myself for journaling, meditation, reading, music and relaxation. I take periodic vacations and spiritual retreats in nature by myself or with others. I made sure to include social activities because I want to create a close social circle of growth minded friends in the summer. My class size in massage school will be between 5 and 15 students, so I will be able to get to know them all pretty well. I also made sure to allow time for myself for meditation, yoga, journaling, because my alone time is very important to me. So now I have this vision statement, and even if only half of these visions come true, I’ll be a much happier and fulfilled person. If I ever look at this vision and notice it isn’t bringing up a great feeling of passion and motivation for me, I can change it, add different aspects to it, or throw it out and make a whole new one. If your visions don’t inspire you and leave you feeling good after reading them, change them. It’s also essential to keep an open mind and heart when reading and writing your visions. When writing don’t limit yourself to what you accomplish in your vision. Don’t say “oh well, that would be nice, but I’d never have enough money” or any other excuse, then you are using your own power to stop yourself from achieving your goals. If you’re passionate, persistent, and self-disciplined you’ll eventually reach your goals and manifest your visions.

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