Mind mapping and Brainstorms

I’ve been creating Mind maps to let all of my thoughts on a subject out of my head. I’ve used it for my speech I gave for Toastmasters, for blog ideas, for ideas on redesigning my website, and other projects that I’m working on. For me a mind map looks like a spider web brainstorm on a topic. You put the main topic in the middle (like “Vacation to Hawaii”) and then draw lines going to different ideas on the subject (Places to stay, beaches to visit, hikes, ect) and then from those ideas you write more detailed about those subjects (Places to stay → Friends house in Waipio Valley, Brothers farm, Vacation home in Puna). I’ve enjoyed the freedom that it gives me to write non-linear. I can start a random tangent by drawing another line from the circle, or I can go back and elaborate on something I wrote on earlier. I can let my critical mind take the back seat as I flow and write whatever comes to mind. Associations come up, random thoughts come up, and by the end of writing I have much more information and content than if I had tried to write in a linear (A, B, C, D) kind of way. One limitation that I’ve experienced with this way of brainstorming is how it can be difficult to find enough space to write what you want. Once I’ve finished a mind map the page will be crowded and littered. I have to review it within a couple days so that I’ll be able to remember what I was writing. Organizing all of the information is difficult as well, because I don’t want to lose information that might be useful later. I’ve learned to pick and choose what is relevant, and file the rest into a reference folder or throw it away. Here is an example of how I do my mind maps. Each bubble off of the center is an idea for articles to write, and ways to create content for my blog. I’ll spend between 15-30 minutes on one mind map. After I’ve completed it I can see what areas have the most content and ideas. For these ideas where the words keep on flowing I will change gears after my brainstorm(within a few days), and start typing up ideas from the mind map on that one topic. I will write as much as I can about the topic, staying in the free associating right brain. After I have some content I bring in my critical mind, and observe what is truly useful. I edit, cut, replace, rewrite, and rethink my writing until I have a final product. This last section can take between 30 minutes to 3 hours or more depending on the length and depth of the content involved. Other than brainstorming blog ideas, what other ways can mind mapping be useful? It can be great for thinking of how you want to redesign your bathroom, the activities on your next vacation, writing down habits you would like to adopt, planning your week, and any situation where you have many ideas you would like to express on paper. I also believe brainstorming can be a great way to get clutter out of your mind. Sometimes I’ll find myself thinking about a certain topic and repeating myself throughout the day. Once I let myself write about it, and get all of my thoughts out there, I will have a quieter mind. If you have good techniques on brainstorming, found good mind mapping software, or have any thoughts on this article, feel free to leave a comment.

Goals and Ambitions

Blog and Sharing Creativity I am writing a blog to express myself fully without fear of failure, and to help push me to succeed in my goals. I’ll be posting original music, short films, my philosophies on life, and sharing my interests and aspirations. I hope to encourage others to follow their goals, and connect with people who have similar interests. Waking up early I will wake up at 6am every morning in order to meditate, do yoga, play music, and visualize my day before I go to work or school. This gives me a productive start to each day and helps me with creating good habits. This also helps me to strengthen my discipline, because I will be waking up at 6am every morning, whether or not I have school or work. My habits before creating this goal were to wake up between 7:30am – 10:00am, depending on when I had to be somewhere, and I would just get ready and then surf the internet until I had to leave. The second part of this goal is to be asleep before 11pm. This is already a habit I have, I just used to sleep 10 or 11 hours, and now I’ll sleep 8 or 9. If I’m successful with waking up at 6am every morning for a month, I may try waking up at 5am. Exercise Stretching is essential for me in the morning. I have naturally tight muscles, and if I don’t stretch I get back pain. So now I will do Yoga and Stretching every morning. I will go to Group Yoga every Wednesday, and once on the weekend. I’ve also joined a couple hiking groups in Santa Cruz and San Jose. Later this month there will be an intense hike at Pinnacles state park which I am getting ready for. Play and Create Music I’m going to make a habit of practicing my bass guitar and drums every morning for at least half an hour. I will record both original and cover songs and upload them online bi-weekly. I’ll meet more people who play music and jam with them. Meditation I will meditate 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes before bed every day. I am signed up for a Vipassana 10 day meditation retreat in June. This will help to prepare me. I’ve also joined a meditation group in Downtown San Jose.

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