Releasing Tension with Free Flow Qi Gong

In this exercise we allow the body to express itself freely. We stop thinking about how to do the movements, wondering if we are doing them correctly, and just let the body guide us. I enjoy setting my timer for 2 to 5 minutes, and allowing my body to move in whatever way it wants. Some small twists, lifting the arms, and just moving without thinking about it. There are three principals of Qi Gong that I like to keep while going into this “free flow” state.
Think less, Just move.
This is big. So many times we can get caught up in doing a certain Qi Gong or Tai Chi movement or Yoga posture “correctly” or not. With this stop thinking about that, and just allow the body to show you where it wants to go. Keeping this principal in mind, the next two are optional, but will tend to allow the movements to be safe and healing for your body.
Feel the breath as you move. 
Without trying to change the breath, just notice how you breath naturally. Acknowledging that if you start to move faster, or do more difficult movements, your breath naturally expands and takes in more oxygen and energy to compensate for the exercise. Notice how soft the breath is when moving slowly or in stillness. Without thinking about, or judging the breath just let it be and aknowledge it.
Keep one foot on the ground
You can jump if you want to, but I recommend at least having one foot on the ground at a time. This is more grounding, and you are less likely to injure yourself by twisting an ankle or falling down. By having one or both feet on the ground you are able to move from your center more easily, and the flowing movements will feel more relaxing.
These are just some tips that I use when I do my free form movement practice. Below you will see a video of me practicing my free form video for 2 minutes. As you can see it really is just following whatever my body wants to do. It doens’t matter if it flows together nicely, just keep moving with the mind focused on the breath.

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