Rediscovering the world around you

See the world from new eyes. All of our life we are developing our unique, individual perspective on the world. From our experiences and everything about our life we get a skewed view of “reality”. This perspective stays somewhat constant, until we have those experiences and situations where we experience a “moment of clarity” or a sudden shift in how we see the world. We can become stuck in old habits. Talking to the same people, discussing the same things, having the same thoughts, and just repeating these circular patterns. It can seem as if we are repeating the same stuff, different day. To renew a sense of discovery, passion and determination, we have to get out of our comfort range, trying to instill new habits, talking to strangers, traveling outside of our country/state, and developing presence in our lives. A great exercise to help facilitate more of these “moments of clarity” is to put yourself in new situations by traveling somewhere where the culture is different, and/or talking to people who you wouldn’t normally talk to (of a different religion, race, profession, age, ect.). From talking to these people you are able to see the differences, as well of the similarities of how they see the world. Listen to the person as if you have no opinion over what they are saying. Listen with all of your senses, look at them, hear them, sympathize and try and see the situation from their perspective. Another exercise to find a new perspective is have a friend visit you who has never been to the state/country that you live in. Give them a tour of your town, the hiking trails, and anything that is unique and special about where you live. With this exercise you will think of all the great things about where you live, and express them to other people. You are able to see where you live with new eyes, with a renewed sense of gratitude. If you don’t have access to travel far, or have a friend visit you, you can try throughout the day to recognize things where you would have otherwise ignored or passed by. On your regular commute, notice with wonder the types of buildings/businesses or mountains/wildlife that surround the road. Be like a child, wide eyed and present to every experience throughout the day. You can do this from the moment you get out of bed until that night. Look at your furniture and decorations in your home with new eyes. Noticing new patterns in the wood on the walls. Taste orange juice for the first time, the different textures, tastes, and feelings that come up. Don’t pay as much attention to reminiscing or remembering a similar situation, just stay present and aware. Ponder how your life can look different from other perspectives. From a surgeon, a marketing agent, a homeless man, a millionaire, someone who lives in Hawaii, or Guatemala, or China, or France. From all of these perspectives comes a lesson, an opinion, and a lifestyle that can challenge the way you live. Rediscovering the world around you can increase your overall awareness, give you more options if you feel stuck, and allow you to be more grateful for your present life.

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