Qi Gong exercises for warmer hands

Qi Gong exercises for warmer hands from Travis Usinger on Vimeo.

I recorded this video to show some of the qi gong exercises that I’ve learned to increase circulation through the arms and to stretch the tendons in the hands and wrists. With these exercises, in addition to regular exercise/movement, hot winter soups, and herbal teas you’ll have warm toasty hands and a healthy body flowing with Qi. The exercises include stretches that you can feel from your neck down to the tips of your fingers, wrist stretches to open the joint, and shaking and movement to flush lymph, blood, and Qi, creating greater circulation and flow. Stagnation causes disease, poor immune system, and cold extremities. By adding movement throughout the day you can keep your body healthy and flowing. I would recommend after every 45 minutes or an hour of sitting to take 10 or 15 minutes to do some of these exercises. Another way to get increased flow and movement in the body is through Thai massage. Thai massage is said to be “lazy man’s yoga” incorporating passive stretches and a flowing massage session that looks like a dance. I learned Thai massage at Twin Lakes College and have found it to be a very therapeutic style of body. Within the next few months I plan on creating a video that shows what Thai massage looks like. May you all enjoy your Winter, and stay warm. Massage.TravisDharma.com

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