Plane Delayed – What a great opportunity to connect!

People are sitting, waiting to board the plane, the captain comes over the intercom:
“Sorry but the fire warning light is on, we’ll have to have a mechanic come and check it out. I’m not sure how long it will take”
Groans and sighs emerge from the crowd, thumbs are busily dialing cell phones, they’re complaining to one another about how inconvenient this is, and how they had to wake up too early. I put my book away, stand up and start doing Yoga and Qi Gong exercises. The flight was early and I had skipped my usual morning exercise routine, so I decided to make up for it with the extra time I was given by the flight being delayed. You can tell from my last airplane post how much I see traveling as a great transition time to evaluate where you are and to do some great introspection and writing. I understand why people are initially upset by the plane being delayed. Their expectations were different than their reality ended up putting out. After doing all the actions possible; calling a friend who was going to pick you up, asking the steward about alternate flights, and of course updating your Facebook status, there is no reason to worry about it anymore. Many people kept on complaining, sitting and arguing with the steward. It looked as if steam was going to come out of their ears as they tapped their food on the ground and twiddled their fingers on their phone. In such a time of limbo, you should be thankful that you get the time to be with yourself. I find stretching and Qi Gong to be beneficial, because sitting for such long periods of time is a major cause of back pain and bad posture. After practicing for about 15 minutes, someone asked me if I was doing yoga, and started talking to me about her favorite postures. Another woman heard us talking, and recognized me from a yoga class we had together earlier that week. We started doing sun salutations together and talking about our favorite teachers. I’ve learned a new lesson: Airports can also be a great time to connect with people. On a typical day at the airport, crowds of people hardly even recognize the existence of one another. People push past to be first onto the escalator, in TSA screening people stand in line for up to an hour and never learn the name of the person in front of or behind them, on the plane itself people sit for hours and the only contact with their neighbor is to ask if they can get out to use the restroom. On your next flight, talk to the person in front of you in the TSA line. See if the person seated next to you is going home or on an adventure somewhere new. Try doing yoga before boarding time, and see if others will join you. Put yourself out there, and reach out to someone new.

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