New Qi Gong Classes in Breckenridge!

From May 15th through to the end of Summer 2012 I’ll teach two classes a week at Meta Yoga Studio in Breckenridge Colorado.

Mondays at 8:45am (Qi Gong)

Thursdays 6:45pm (Restorative Yoga)

You can follow along with a free sample class on the video section here.

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is an ancient Taoist practice which means “cultivating energy”. Tai Chi is a form of Qi Gong with a series of continuous flowing movements that combine into a form. In Qi Gong we repeat the individual movements, making it easy to learn and relax into a meditative state. My classes start with warm up exercises such as shaking, swinging, stretching and knocking to wake up the body and release anything that is unwanted. There are joint rotation and relaxation exercises that teach us to move from our core, and to relax our shoulders and arms. Then we go into flowing movements where we use minimal effort to make circular movements that mimic the energy flow in our body. I end with self-massage to leave you in a relaxed state of vitality for your day.

How will it help my ability to Ski?

Improved balance, reduced recovery time,  and learning to use the least amount of effort necessary, to increase endurance. My classes focus a lot on bringing awareness into the feet, and working with the structure and alignment of the ankles with the knees,  with the hips, with the spine, and with the shoulders and head. Then next time you have a skiing lesson, you will have increased body awareness, and will be able to respond easily to instructions from your teacher, allowing you to progress and get the most out of your ski vacation!

What if I’m not flexible or strong?

Unlike power vinyasa styles of yoga, Qi gong is suitable for every body, young and old. Qi Gong is prescribed to patients in Chinese Hospitals, and is the perfect exercise for seniors and elderly population. The fluid motions, and flowing movements help to pump lymph, increasing immune function and reducing the risk of injury because it’s performed slow and mindfully.

I’ve tried meditation before, but it’s too hard. Will my mind be too busy for Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is a great way to focus your mind on your body, and release mental stress and worry. Meditation can be difficult to jump into, as the mind finds it difficult to focus on one thing(or nothing) for a long time. With Qi Gong, the mind is focused on the movement of the body, and the flow of the breath.  The class will also include many exercises to release mental and physical tension(shaking, swinging, and knocking) before we go into the more meditative flowing movements. If you find yourself in Breckenridge Colorado, stop by Meta Yoga Studios on Ridge St. and join me for a Qi Gong class. Mondays at 9am or Fridays at 4pm. I also offer private lessons, and you can find out about my massage services here. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about my classes or other services. Travis 831-588-5833    

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