Lucid Dreaming and Meditation

In a lucid dream you become aware that you are dreaming while you are still in the dream. You know that all the facets and problems of a dream aren’t worth worrying about or getting preoccupied with. You learn to detach from the chaos of the dream, and to enjoy the present moment doing what you love. Similarly with Meditation you learn to detach from outcomes and from worrying in your everyday reality and become content living in the present moment. Both have their difficulties in practice. Good intentions –> What will you do in your lucid dream? What is the intention for your meditation sit? Will you try and find a spirit guide in your dream and ask him/her the meaning of life? or will you decide to fly to Hawaii and play on the beach?  Do you intend to create loving feelings of gratitude and relax during your meditation, or do you intend to become more aware of how you are feeling right now by observing the natural breath? Persistent Effort –> For both you need to practice regularly with patience in order to get results. With lucid dreaming you start by keeping a dream journal and writing your dreams every day. Then you observe recurring patterns and create the habit of doing reality checks while you are awake. After that you break up your sleeping pattern by waking up early, reading about lucid dreaming, and then going back to bed with the intention of having a lucid dream. After you have done all of this, which could take weeks, you’ll most likely have a lucid dream. The same persistence is needed with meditation, the first few weeks and months of meditating daily you could still have gotten a few moments of a still mind. If you keep practicing you will notice subtle changes that occur, you don’t become upset as frequently, and small problems don’t bug you as much. Easy to become distracted Once you’ve become lucid in a dream you may have a conversation which makes you lose awareness, and you will become caught up in finding someone, or doing something other than what you intended. In Meditation thoughts are constantly bubling in the background. They can grab your attention and suck you out of the present moment by worrying about the future or judging the past. With both of these distractions you have to stay patient and persistent, and keep bringing your attention back to the intention of your meditation or your lucid dream.

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