Free Guided Meditation and Reiki

Healing Light Guided Meditation This meditation is perfect for allowing your mind to slow down and to become more in touch with your body. Guided meditations are great to listen to during the day when you have a massage scheduled. This 20 minute total relaxation and healing guided meditation begins with deep breathing exercises, progresses to muscle relaxation, and finishes with visualizing healing white light filling you and relaxing you. This is the equivalent of giving yourself a reiki session. When I receive a massage I will often imagine the practitioner’s hands as emiting healing light that relaxes any tense areas on my body. Using this guided meditation helps me strengthen my ability to visualize and experience this healing energy. I’m now offering Reiki and Guided meditations to complement your massage session. It is $5 for 5 minutes and $10 for 15 minutes to add Reiki and/or guided meditation to your massage session. When you begin your massage with a guided meditation, your personal intention is set and your mind is reminded of why you’re here. These are great ways to deepen your meditation practice, and increase your awareness of subtle energy as well. For more information on my regular massage rates click here.

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