Dream Incubation and Lucid dreaming habits

Daily habits to help promote lucid dreams, dream recall, and vivid dreams. Every morning write down whatever fraction of a dream you remember. If you can’t remember a specific dream, write down any thoughts, emotions, or feelings in your body. Wake up with full awareness you were just dreaming and write down the experience, even if it is the middle of the night. If it is early and you want to go back to bed, focus on your intention to remember your dream, and/or to stay lucid while you are drifting to sleep. Read your dreams and notice any strange situations that occurred. What locations were you in, how did you feel, what people you were with, and overall how was your dreaming reality different than waking life. Write down what these are and make sure to do a reality check if you meet the same people during the day, or are in a strange environment (construction, blocked traffic, crazy people on the street talking to you, ect). Throughout the day reflect on the dream like nature of reality. Talk with friends and family about lucid dreaming, your recent dreams, and any interesting dreams they’ve had lately. Do reality checks by reading a word, looking away and reading it again. If the word changes in any way (turns upside down, into symbols, dyslexia, ect) you are probably dreaming. Another way to test whether you’re dreaming is to try and put your finger through a mirror or glass window. In my dreams my hand will go to the other side and feel like it’s passing through a Jello-like substance. I usually have strange bathrooms in my dreams, so whenever I’m in a public restroom, I will try and put my finger through the mirror, especially if I notice something or someone that is strange. Every Night write one page on a dream you would like to have that night. Once you become lucid what do you want to do? Do you want to fly to a tropical island and surf on tidal waves? Visit Hogwarts and learn how to use magic in your dreams? Go to a Himalayan mountaintop and visit a wise old yogi who will teach you the secrets to mastering meditation? Write it in the present tense, describing the feelings, thoughts, sights, sounds, smells and tastes that you experience. Before going to bed clear your mind and become focused. You can start with counting deep breaths. Breathe from your abdomen and keep your attention on the number, and deepening your breath. Notice how you become more relaxed, and more ready for sleep. Next just sit and witness your thoughts as paint hitting a canvas, and then being absorbed and turning blank again. Notice how it feels to have a blank canvas, and if a thought carries you away just let it be absorbed and notice any other thoughts that arise and just let them pass away. Now read your dream journal and the notes you took and reflect on the strange things that happened in your waking life this day. Remind yourself that you will notice these things when you’re in the dream, and that you will become aware and remember your intentions for your dream. During the Dream you will become aware of something that is not right, and you will perform a reality check. Once you’ve become aware you’re dreaming you can fly off and accomplish whatever adventures you had planned while you were awake.

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