Connecting to Trees for Health and Balance

I walk out my door to take a 30 minute jog through nature. I wave hello to the oaks, sequoia, and redwoods as I pass, the grass under my toes, the sand from Henry Cowell slipping beneath me. I jog out into the wilderness and find an Oak tree to connect with. I stand quietly, with my arms facing towards him. I send out a loving thought and intention, feeling back to see if he responds. The feeling is mutual, and I come closer to feel the aura of the tree. We connect, creating a cycle going up through my feet, out of my head, and into the tree, through it’s roots, into the earth to be renewed, and back into my feet again. This cycle goes on for several minutes, and I decide to physically connect with the tree by climbing. The tree’s branches go out in all directions. Reaching out to others, it’s limbs are easy to stand on. As I walk on the tree, I can feel the strength; the years and years that it’s been here, cultivating it’s strength, growing out from it’s roots, and expanding towards the Sun. Spending time with Trees is very beneficial for us. Trees are always meditating. When we quiet our minds and intend to connect with them, the trees can help us with many ailments and unbalanced energy. Just like how trees take in the Co2 that we breath out, and give us fresh oxygen, trees also take in our excessive yang energy, and balance out yin energy, allowing us to be more grounded and at peace. They can also help with all kinds of dis-ease. The tree’s roots go down deep, while their branches and leaves reach towards the heavens. Receiving nutrients from the water in the ground(yin) and the sunlight in the sky(yang). They are perfect models for our Qi Gong practice, teaching us how to connect with heaven and earth to initiate healing within ourselves. Sitting with a tree can be very healing. Breathing in the healing energy, and allowing disease to flow out into the earth. Make sure to always keep the highest intent for the tree as well, keeping it a beneficial relationship for the both of you. Don’t choose a tree that looks sick, or is too small to transform your energy. Look for a medium to large size tree, one that you have an affinity towards. It’s good if it’s a tree near your home that you can keep visiting every day. Then your connection will become stronger and you will be able to share and connect more easily with the tree. It’s actually easier to connect with trees that are used to having many people around, versus trees that are hundreds of miles away from civilization. They’re already used to human energy, and would be excited to have one of the people consciously connect. Another way to connect with trees is to climb them. Sitting or laying down on their branches you can feel supported by the safe embrace of the tree. Be sure to be aware and conscious, and as you climb higher up the tree, you can ask it if it is safe to continue. This is a great way to see the world from the trees perspective. I climb a redwood tree is my backyard, and I’m able to see what it’s like to look over the neighborhood from 30 feet above the ground. If you have a fear of heights or of climbing the tree, you can start by doing a standing or sitting meditation with the tree. This will help to ground you, and will improve your physical and mental balance. Declare your gratitude for the tree, thank it for the experience, and for teaching you how to heal and recycle your energy. If you want you can ask what it’s name is, so that you’ll feel more of a personal connection with him/her. ┬áListen and go with whatever pops into your mind first. Remember to return to the tree over the next few months/years, continuing to meditate and connect with this tree. Trees live on a much longer time frame than us, and will open to us more deeply when we see them frequently over a long time.  

You can use this practice to connect to the healing energy of nature, balancing yin and yang, quieting the mind, finding inner peace, and refining your senses to pick up more subtle feelings.

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