Clear the Clutter from your Body and Mind

 Fall – Return to your roots As trees lose their leaves, and retreat to their roots, as the days get shorter, and the weather gets colder, we can feel that there’s a tendency to return to the essence of life. To spend more time indoors, with intimate family and friends, and to start looking at our lives in a more introspective way. I believe one way that we can embrace the season of Fall is to clear the clutter in our minds and bodies. Transitioning out of the busy, rushing, abundant nature of Summer we can take some time to rest and rejuvenate. Sifting through our mental identities, the mind chatter, and the accumulated tensions and stresses on our body and mind. Because that stress in our mind translates into our body. We get tight shoulders that carry the world at our ears, jaws that clench at what we feel we can’t express, and backs that carry our anger, grief, and emotions we fear to face. By practicing relaxing and introspective exercises like Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong, we can clear that excess and learn to focus on the essentials. When we practice Yoga we are able to release tension that is held in the body. We can breathe into the commonly held tension in the neck and shoulders, relaxing the hyper tense areas and learning to strengthen the imbalanced weak areas of the body. When we release that tension, we can let go of emotional baggage, bad habits, and other forms of excess. We return with awareness to the essentials of a happier body and true Self. Qi gong flowing movements are similar to Tai Chi forms. We learn to move with effortless power. We teach the body and mind to move without holding onto stress. When we practice these movements regularly, we can find that our mind can start to flow and focus with ease. We learn to root into the earth, and flow with life’s challenges, instead of being tossed around. Meditation clears the mental chatter. Even if it feels like an endless tornado of thoughts and distractions while you are doing your meditation, it releases that accumulated stress by listening to it. We observe the mind as if we are looking at it from a distance. Look at that thought. Oh yeah another one. Oh I got caught on a train of thoughts now I’ll come back to focusing on the breath. And repeating that process of observing the mind, while continually returning to the breath. When we become aware of losing that focus and find ourselves lost in an alternate mind universe, the breath is the constant. All of these practices are about coming back to the present, and rooting our awareness in the body. The mind can help us to figure out all kinds of different tasks, but if left to it’s own accord, it will continually keep us busy and frustrated. We need to develop that awareness of the body in order to declutter the mind and body, and increase peace, happiness and good health. Namaste.   You can find free Qi Gong videos here, and guided meditations here.

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