Ayurvedic Cooking Class Santa Cruz

I’m feeling the winds of change of September. I’ve recently moved to Breckenridge, Colorado, started Yoga teacher training in Denver, finished Qi Gong teacher training in Santa Cruz, testing for a Colorado Massage License, and am absorbing the beauty of the Aspen trees changing from green to Golden red. Before I moved I created a video for my Ayurvedic massage teacher, Talya Lutzer, who teaches Ayurvedic cooking classes, does individual Ayurvedic consultations, and catering. She is my role model: she owns and runs her business, helps people heal with deliciously healthy food, lifestyle advice, and massage with essential oils mixed for every individual client. Over the last two years I’ve been passionate about cooking. I started a Vegan potluck group in Breckenridge last winter, and now I hold dinner parties a couple times a month. I love balanced vegan food, and Talya’s cooking class really shined through with it’s combination of tasty food, ayurvedic theory, and group effort. Her classes are great way to bond with friends, so much more powerful than eating out at a restaurant. You’re learning together, you’re cooking together, and you’re discovering what your individual constitution is, and what foods best balance it. If you’re in the Santa Cruz area I recomend you look at her website, see the videos I made, and call her for your next catering event, or cooking class. I also highly recommend her Cook Book. Within the next few months I will be posting more about my Yoga Teacher Training, including Ayurvedic theory, yoga videos, and massage videos. Namaste, Travis Dharma

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