Do the stresses of life bring you down or cause you to feel frantic?

Does pain stop you from enjoying life?

What are the symptoms of living a high stress lifestyle?

Rapid breath and heart rate, tense muscles that won’t release and a mind that is constantly distracted and on to the next thought.

What are the consequences of living with this constant stress?

The consequences could include heart disease, mental disorders, rapid aging and unhapiness. Stress and pain are cycles that repeat themselves, contributing to disease and unhealthy addictions to distractions like television, alcohol and unnecessary medications.

The solution is to learn to breath deeply, and release the stress we don’t need. This takes 5 to 10 minutes or less once you learn to recognize when you’re becoming overwhelmed with stress. For pain we have to become aware of the patterns that are causing the pain, and use mindful movement and massage to break up the old patterns, and create healthy new pathways for our energy to flow in harmony.

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I am here to give you the tools to overcome stress and find a life of inner peace and strength

When I had Sciatic nerve pain from excessive sitting, I used Qi Gong and yoga to allow my body to heal. I’ve had restless nights where guided meditation and writing have helped me to fall asleep and stay asleep. Occasionally I will feel overwhelmed with work, school, family and life, and use Yoga and Qi Gong to turn that stress into vitality and a calm presence. The amount of time it takes to start to see results from these practices varies from person to person. When I started using guided meditation and Qi Gong for sleep, I was able to rest in an uninterrupted deep sleep within a week. When I used meditation and breathing exercises to reduce stress I saw results within the same day. When I had lower back pain it took me a few months to discover what I could do to ease my pain and be able to do all of the activities that I love. I help guide you towards the right tools, so that it takes less time to figure out what helps than trying to do it all on your own. I guide you towards a life of calm vitality.

Calm vitality is a feeling of being centered and relaxed, while having all of the energy that you need to be productive and work through your day. It looks like the martial artist who is completely relaxed up until the last moment when the punch is being delivered. It looks like the river that is constantly flowing in a relaxed manner, but has power and strength to move boulders. It looks like accomplishing tasks on your to-do list with your breath steady and focus unwavering. It looks like going through your day with ease and presence. It’s all about having a balance of yin(earth, calm, relaxed) and yang(fire, vitality, strength).


I know how to teach people who are new to these techniques. I’ve learned how to translate the ancient teachings of past lineages into techniques that you can apply to your life in 5 to 15 minutes a day. I’ve taught senior’s Qi Gong classes, beginners yoga, and have seen results with everyone who is willing to put in a few minutes a day to practice these techniques. You don’t have to be a sage or hermit to benefit from using the tools of mindful movement and meditation.

I have over 700 hours of training in massage, and 400 hours of training in Yoga and Qi Gong. This translates to methods that are safe to implement, have been practiced for thousands of years, and have been proven to give results. It’s time to look back at ancient traditions like Qi Gong and Yoga, and use these teachings to relieve our pain and reduce our stress.s.

Contact me below to schedule a free 15 minute phone call or video conference to discover how Qi Gong, Yoga, and Massage can benefit you. Learn to turn your mental and physical stress and fatigue into calm strength during the day, and deep sleep at night.

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